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At BWE, every transaction

provides housing security

for someone in need. 

A large portion of our profits goes towards supporting our mission of creating affordable housing.

BWE + Enterprise Community Partners

Working Together

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Celebrating 10 Years with Enterprise Community Partners

In 2012, BWE, a national full-service commercial & multifamily banking company, joined forces with Enterprise Community Partners, a 501(c)(3) that advocates for and creates affordable housing. Since then, every loan closed at BWE has made an impact on our affordable housing mission.

With comprehensive financing solutions for all your CRE Investments, we are Capital on a Mission.

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Putting people and communities first

Honoring Fine Art Photographer Rowdy Winters

Rowdy captured the positive spirit and joyful essence of the residents living at BWE-funded affordable & workforce housing communities. His vision as an artist takes us on a journey from the lost and forgotten living on the streets of U.S. cities to those residing in the safe, well-designed workforce and affordable communities that are springing up throughout the country.


Rowdy’s body of work shines a ray of hope that one day, we can end housing insecurity for anyone who wants a comfortable, safe home. BWE is proud to support artists like Rowdy, who, with a click of his camera, seize a moment in time. Through his lens we see the harsh realities facing our nation today and how we can make small efforts to create monumental impact.


Working together to end homelessness and housing insecurity

How our contributions to the Enterprise mission are impacting residents who were formerly living on the streets

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