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Spring Creek Village
Gypsum, CO

There’s a certain warmth you feel when you walk into Javiera’s home, and it has nothing to do with the refuge from the snow falling outside. She is an immigrant from Peru and speaks freely in her native Spanish language. Her sister’s family immigrated to the Vail Valley area first and Javiera followed a couple years afterwards. She works as a cook at the senior center and she lives in an apartment home at Spring Creek Village with her husband, children, niece, and mother.

Spring Creek Village is an affordable housing community, completely built off-site at a modular building company in Utah and assembled onsite. The homes that are created within, are more than a place to store your things. Javiera has a close relationship with her sister and her nieces and moving into the area with her mother was a reunion that improved her life. She is able to cook for her family and spend quality time with them regularly.

“Home is more than a space where one lives. It’s who makes it up—it’s where all of the people I love are,” Javiera explained. Having a home where everyone she loves can relax, nourish their bodies, and laugh, is meaningful for Javiera.

Being able to spend quality time with her extended family, Javiera has filled her home with warmth.

Meet the Residents

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