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Centra Villa Apartments
Atlanta, GA

The focal point of Mose Walker’s apartment was a small folding table where he sat working diligently on his laptop, papers stacked neatly around the room. “I’m writing a book about my life”, he says quietly. At first glance he seems almost shy. But within moments he welcomes us to pull up chairs to his work station and begins to open up about the contents of his book. This completely transforms him, and his candor while telling his story is magnetizing.

When you hear Mose’s story, it becomes clear how so many people are a lot closer to homelessness than one might think. He is a well-educated, well-spoken 83-year-old Army Veteran. Through a series of unfortunate luck, timing, and circumstance he found himself homeless for about two years. Much of that time, he lived in his car, moving locations frequently. After coming to terms with being homeless, Mose was able to connect with Hope Atlanta and other community efforts that focused on placing Veterans in permanent homes. Mose now lives at Centra Villa Apartments in Atlanta, GA, a mixed affordable housing property acquired by Community Solutions with debt financing provided by BWE.

“I expect this to be my last place of residence. If I spend the rest of my life here, I’ll be content.”

Mose has a permanent home at Centra Villa Apartments and is writing a book about his life.  

Meet the Residents

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