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Spring Creek Village
Gypsum, CO

The view from a third-floor unit at Spring Creek Village is breathtaking—snow-capped mountains and billowing clouds rolling in. Alma works as a housekeeper and lives in a one-bedroom apartment. There are candles burning and her home is neat and clean, with minimal furnishings.

It’s apparent that Alma has had many life experiences to lead her to this place. She has raised her children in this area and has grandchildren nearby as well. Alma expresses the pride she has in being able to visit with her family in her home. It has been difficult to find work in this region that provides enough income to be able to afford a comfortable home.

Spring Creek Village is an affordable housing community in Gypsum Colorado, developed by Polar Star Realty, a local real estate investment company who understands the need for these homes. The area’s high-end ski resorts have a need for a large employee base to effectively run their businesses. Many of the resorts will not fill positions without knowing if the prospective employees have secured housing. Having affordable housing is essential for local residents to be able to find employment.

Alma is proud of the home she has made at Spring Creek Village, where she is safe and comfortable, with all the modern conveniences.

Meet the Residents

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