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Edmundo & Luz

Spring Creek Village
Gypsum, CO

Walking into a residence at Spring Creek Village, you’re instantly greeted with a palpable feeling of freshness and newness. While this is expected from an apartment community built in 2020, that feeling is particularly elevated when entering the home of Edmundo and Luz Dominguez.

The décor is minimal; the freshly painted walls are lacking photographs or artwork; the large, flat-screen TV mounted on the wall still has its protective film along the bottom frame.

Despite the snow flurries that could be seen through the window whipping in the February wind, inside their home was a feeling of calmness and warmth.

In her native language, Spanish, Luz described how her family is happy to have found an affordable place to live where her husband can work and they can all be together as a family.

The lack of affordable housing has become an increasing problem and is even a significant contributor to labor shortages in the area. Many businesses are forced to reduce their provided services or even close due to the inability to find workers who have adequate local housing.

Fortunately for the Dominguez family, they were approved for a residence at Spring Creek – a property with a waiting list close to 100 names long. Without it, there’s a chance all of the Dominguezes wouldn’t even be in the United States.

Edmundo worked temporarily a few years prior in Colorado while his family remained back in Mexico. He enjoyed working and living in the area and decided it would be a great opportunity for him to seek permanent employment there if he could move his family to the US to join him.

The leasing management team at Polar Star Properties – the ownership company for Spring Creek Village – worked closely with Edmundo and Luz to assist them with the necessary applications, and was able to secure approval for the family to move to Gypsum in December 2021.

“My favorite memory here was when my family was able to join me,” Edmundo said. “Also, my best moment is when we arrived and could feel here, this in our home,” Luz added.

Edmundo and Luz were able to reunite their family and create a home in Gypsum, Colorado.

Meet the Residents

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