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There are estimated to be 555,663 people experiencing homelessness in America today.

Working with our partners through our affordable housing mission, we can make a difference by providing homes for those who need them most.

Putting People and Communities First

BWE is on a mission, working to finance the country’s growing affordable housing needs. Together with Enterprise, we are committed to the affordable housing needs of the country.  As one of the largest non-bank debt origination platform dedicated to affordable housing finance, we are one source for many solutions.

Through our non-profit partnerships, Samuel, and others

like him, are no longer living on the streets.

Mose Walker

When you hear Mose Walker’s story, it becomes clear how so many people are a lot closer to homelessness than one might think. Mose is a well-educated, well-spoken 82-year-old Army Veteran who through a series of unfortunate luck, timing, and circumstance found himself homeless for about two years. Mose has since received help from various community organizations, and now lives in an apartment in Atlanta where he’s working on writing a book on his life.

Samuel Walker

It’s difficult to imagine the hardships one would face being homeless for 25 years. For Samuel Walker, that was his reality. Standing under a bridge where he once often slept, Samuel shared his story of how he lived, the struggles he had with his mental health, and how his life is back on track thanks to the home he has been given.

Working Together to Connect Homeless People

with Affordable Housing

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