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Over the last three years, BWE has originated nearly $4 billion in affordable housing loans making us a top 10 multifamily affordable housing originator.

BWE is Capital on a Mission

Putting people and communities first. 

BWE is on a mission, working to finance the country’s growing affordable housing needs. Together with Enterprise, we are committed to the affordable housing needs of the country.  As one of the largest non-bank debt origination platform dedicated to affordable housing finance, we are one source for many solutions.

Working together with our clients, lenders, and capital partners to provide competitive financing for all commercial and multifamily assets. Since 2012, every loan closed has contributed to over $100 million towards our mission to create affordable communities.

Working with Clients to Provide

High Quality Housing

A Safe Place to Live

Our clients take pride in building and maintaining high-quality affordable properties and delivering exceptional experiences for the people who live there. Through highlighting our clients and residents, and sharing their stories, we can show that affordable housing today is not what many people may expect.

Strategic Financing

Creating housing that is high-quality and affordable for developers and residents often requires unique and creative financing strategies. Our team of commercial banking experts work closely with our clients to connect them to lending products and cost-saving financial opportunities that keep them on budget.

Low Living Costs, Strategic Construction

It’s not enough to simply create housing that is affordable for residents. Developers must maintain a certain standard that allows for consistently high-quality designs that can be strategically recreated from one property to the next. Modular construction is a great example of the future of affordable housing construction. Having factory-built homes keeps costs low and allows for meticulous process monitoring, quality-controlled consistency, and precision.

Financed through BWE

Recently closed affordable housing communities

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