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To celebrate our 10-year Anniversary with Enterprise, we honor fine art photographer Rowdy Winters. 

Rowdy captured the positive spirit and joyful essence of the residents living at BWE-funded affordable & workforce housing communities. His vision as an artist takes us on a journey from the lost and forgotten living on the streets of U.S. cities to those residing in the safe, well-designed workforce and affordable communities that are springing up throughout the country. Rowdy’s body of work shines a ray of hope that one day, we can end housing insecurity for anyone who wants a comfortable, safe home. BWE is proud to support artists like Rowdy, who, with a click of his camera, seize a moment in time. Through his lens we see the harsh realities facing our nation today and how we can make small efforts to create monumental impact.


Rowdy Winters


Over the last 8 years freelancer Rowdy Winters’ photography career slowly expanded from fine-art printmaking, to real-estate imagery, and photography workshops. A diverse portfolio of well-known and offbeat landscapes, Native Americans in full dress, and commercial land & ranch works throughout Northern New Mexico and Hill Country. Rowdy’s photographic mission has always strived to be multi-faceted, with a longing to always try something new. Which brought him to the doorstep of BWE.


By employing his artistic background with a newly found interest in photojournalism, and with the guidance of the BWE Marketing team, Rowdy embarked on what would become this national ad campaign. Its center revolves around the affordable housing crisis, homelessness, and social issues we constantly encounter on a daily basis. 


These images were all taken candidly, handheld without studio flash, staging or large production. Every digital image is processed in monochrome. Rowdy’s angle was to capture raw emotion as the subject was interviewed, showcasing an unfiltered emotion of storytelling.  

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